Work Injury- Workers Compensation

Worker Compensation Injury Care

Avoid the long wait and cost associated with emergency room visits for minor injuries sustained by your employees. Our aim is to get to your employees in and out with as little interruption to their day as possible.

A man with a bandaged arm being examined by a doctor.

Your staff will receive:

a. Direct care by our Occupational Medicine specialists knowledgeable in
Florida Workers' Compensation
b. Care coordination and communication with employers
c. Work restrictions and return-to-work plan
d. Referral coordination with other specialties if needed
e. No wait policy for employees (versus going to the emergency room)

Tips on Avoiding Work Related Injuries

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  • Training employees on smart lifting techniques
  • Mandating the use of safety harnesses, back braces and lift aids
  • Investing in ergonomic furniture
  • Encouraging employees to change tasks when possible
  • Ensure frequent breaks for employees who maintain same posture for long periods
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  • Require regular workplace safety training
  • Hire an expert to review your safety procedures
  • Ensure equipment are secure throughout the day
  • Limit loads on any motorized vehicle to ensure the operator has a clear view
  • Enforce the use of appropriate safety equipment
  • Reward employees for adhering to safety guidelines
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  • Require goggles, face masks, and respirators when working with hazardous materials
  • Maintain proper ventilation
  • Maintain proper storage for hazardous chemicals and substances
  • Provide ear protection for areas with sounds higher than 85 dB
  • Provide warming shelter for workers in extremely cold conditions
  • Require proper clothing and insulated
A sign that says injuries due to fall, slips and trips.
  • Clean spills immediately upon discovery
  • Use"wet floor"signs after mopping or spills
  • Placing non-skid tape on steps or frequently used paths
  • Install handrails where traffic on steps is heavy and frequent
  • Encourage employees to use nonstick soles on shoes
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  • Educate yourself and your employees on warning signs that someone may become violent including: Negative change in job performance, Intimidating or bullying behaviours, An emotional reaction to criticism, Withdrawal or suicidal comments, Unreasonable demands or verbal threats, Violation of company policies, Inability to resolve conflicts
  • Take steps to help the employee and other workers. Document your interactions with the employee and seek advice from your HR department

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